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If the street-style phenomenon was an absolute revolution and a source of daily inspiration thanks to the realness of pictures capturing every day human beings, like you and me, but with a great sense of style… then imagine the success that comes when you add a bike to the equation!

I’ve always been taken with a character by the name of Catherine Baba, a French stylist, who wears heels and bikes around town. How does she get on her bike in those outfits? It’s an entire conversation to be had. Thanks to her, I imagine, many other women of style have chosen cycling as means of transportation and a winning-ticket to a myriad of the blogosphere’s front-pages. It’s a flawless formula seeing someone exceedingly well-dressed aboard a bike. And as next summer days will be very inviting for a ride-around on a bicycle, well, be my guest.

Photos copyright Jak & Jill, Rubia Mala

Pedal - Blog BenettonPedal - Blog BenettonPedal - Blog Benetton

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