Persdagen 2011: fashion signals from the future

Their are two important months (besides the fashion week months of course) in a fashion year, which are April and October… In these months the PR agencies present their newest collections to the bloggers, stylists and editors of all magazines and websites. Unfortunately, due to my trip to Mexico I couldn’t attend most of the press days, which was a shame because I felt like I missed so much. So when I was invited to check out some PR agencies who hadn’t shown their collections yet I was pretty happy and decided to go!

Last Wednesday I visited Fashion Club 70. I was so impressed by what I saw. I spotted some new and amazing key trends for the upcoming summer: colored jeans, floral prints, vintage and romantic vibes, skinny jeans, leather & gold studs! And I can keep on going forever!

For now I’m definitely looking forward to the next summer but also to April when I can attend the new press days and see the trends for the next season! But for now let’s continue to the next important month in fashionland which is January: Amsterdam International Fashion Week, baby!

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