Pictures that last a blink

Pictures that last a blink - Blog Benetton

A picture is worth a thousand words, but certain images are not meant to last forever. It’s like in the spy movies, when a secret agent receives information that only lasts one quick reading, and then it self-destructs. Can you imagine how many cyber disasters could have been avoided if all those compromising photos were eliminated?

Well, Blink Me is an app that was born from one of those disasters, when a group of friends – as a jok e- sent to someone else a very compromising picture of another friend. That photo went from smartphone to smartphone in no time, then it was posted on Facebook, and that picture ended up being seeing by parents, girlfriend, and the guy’s boss! Following this event, 2 young Chileans, Max Rencoret and Benjamin Molina (both involved in the incident), decided to create an application that would prevent this kind of embarrassment.

So this is how it works: just create an account, choose a photo, add who you want to show it to and choose the exposure time (3 or 5 seconds) after this time the photo will not be stored in your phone, and automatically disappears from the cyberspace. It’s available for Apple and Android devices.

Pictures that last a blink - Blog Benetton

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