Polaroid camera lovin’

Polaroid camera lovin' - Blog Benetton

For my 32nd birthday I received a very special gift: a brand new polaroid camera!

I was overwhelmed by joy: I love photography and I’ve had a thing for polaroid pictures since I can remember! There’s no other camera around that allows you to freeze an important moment in your life and to instantly get the picture developed and printed.

Besides, the new polaroid format is handy and cute and the pictures can fit in your wallet but are also perfect to decorate your fridge or your room’s wall.

Polaroid camera lovin' - Blog Benetton

Obviously polaroid cameras can’t be used for professional photography since they don’t allow any kind of settings, but after all that’s not what they are supposed to do: their puwrpose is to make sure you get a memory of a moment with a click!

Here are my first polaroid experiments: the pictures of my birthday party!

Polaroid camera lovin' - Blog Benetton

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