Rita Ora: queen of street-style

Rita Ora queen of street-style - Blog Benetton

I must admit, when I saw Rita Ora for the first time I thought she was a bad cross between Rihanna and Lady Gaga.
Now I love her. I love everything about this singer, from her clothing to her hairstyles. I think she has a very personal style, which I find very much in line with my taste.

Sneakers, denim, snapback hats, sunglasses and boyfriend t-shirts; each item (or accessory) is carefully mixed with the rest of the look, and looks just hot. All the details are perfect from jewelry to nail polish, everything is there for a reason.

Rita Ora queen of street-style - Blog BenettonRita Ora queen of street-style - Blog Benetton

I know you probably will not like this street-style, so I’m telling you that Rita Ora manages to impress everyone at every appearance on the red carpet, always elegant and refined, never banal.

An incredibly fashionable detail not to be missed? Rita’s best friend is the model of the moment, the cocky and funny: Cara Delevingne. Yet another case where fashion and music meet. From this union love stories, collaborations and now even a friendship were born.

Rita Ora queen of street-style - Blog Benetton

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