Road to Dakar

Road to Dakar - Blog BenettonRoad to Dakar - Blog Benetton

My family and I decided to leave early Saturday morning for the starting line of the Dakar race in Pisco. We were at the beach already, around kilometer 100, so the idea wasn’t all that outlandish. We left early in the morning carrying two water bottles and little else. Oh, how inexperience hurts.

The road there was more than exciting as people were everywhere on the highway cheering on the race participants. Everyone yelled as the competitors passed by, greeting them, and oh-how lovely the peruvian flag looked. As a fairly sensitive woman, I almost cried.

Road to Dakar - Blog BenettonRoad to Dakar - Blog Benetton

Our idea was to get to the starting point in Pisco, but you have no idea what the road was like. Horrible traffic around Chincha added a few more hours to our time on the road en route to the desert. Once there, our focus turned to determining how and where to take our car as we saw at least 20 trucks had become stuck in the sand-dunes.

My husband had never ventured into a terrain like this in our car, so this quickly became a game of ‘not falling into quick-sand’.

Road to Dakar - Blog BenettonRoad to Dakar - Blog Benetton

Thankfully we ran into some experts in driving on sand and they suggested a path to follow and that we lower the air in our tires; we followed their every move until we successfully reached a privileged viewing spot.
Yeeeah, the only bad thing was that as an entirely inexperienced crew we failed to bring an umbrella and arrived in the desert in flip-flops. Lol.

Thankfully a more prepared family bearing two awnings, a grill, three coolers, chairs, – everything short of AC -, let us borrow an umbrella and gave us Gatorade so we avoided a slow death by dehydration.

I was there until 3 in the afternoon and got to see four-wheelers, motorcycles, and cars. We missed the trucks which we saw on our way back to the beach. Still, the experience was totally fun and my kids were left in awe. I, on the other hand, almost died of the heat.

Road to Dakar - Blog BenettonRoad to Dakar - Blog Benetton

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