Season-less denim

Season-less denim - Blog Benetton

Danny Kelly from Manchester

It seems jeans are not the only denim items that are timeless.

More and more, denim jackets, vests, and shirts (in denim or chambray) are also becoming wardrobe staples – and not just for summer, but year-round. Jeans stuck because they are practical and relatively inexpensive, so what is it about the other denim articles that gives them their appeal?

Season-less denim

Mohcine Aoki from Casablanca

Season-less denim

Peter Adrian from Los Angeles

The fabric doesn’t have the same impact as leather, as in jackets used by pilots or bikers, but maybe denim has become a symbol of rebellion: the look and feel of the Wild West, but in a metropolitan context.

No wonder there are those who insist on layering with denim for winter. Instead of wearing wool, flannel, down, or fleece – which are much thicker – denim denizens opt to stick with their threads. They just add another layer or two. Rain or shine, warm or cold, denim is here to stay. Whether you want it laid-back or intimidating.

Season-less denim

Erick Salach from Poland

Season-less denim

Christian Chou from Sidney

Dariusz Michalik from Birmingham

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