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Don’t we say that fashion always comes around again? Each season it’s revival time: ethnic, retro, minimalist, etc…

Nevertheless, sometimes, there is an outsider that came out of the imagination of a designer and makes some kind of fashion coup and becomes a hit for one season.

Just like the African wax print that we saw last summer and that we still want for this year. It’s something of an obsession for me because of the large range of colours and patterns that are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fashion and interior design (I’m dreaming of cushions like that on my sofa).

Star Wax - Blog BenettonStar Wax - Blog BenettonStar Wax - Blog Benetton

This fabric comes from Germany and is named “wax” because of the technic that is used to colour the cloth. It’s mostly called “African Wax” because it’s mainly used for clothing in West Africa.

Mixed with more occidental basics (shirts, jeans….) or if you dare, with flowered or stripped patterns, African Wax is being reinvented, modernized, becoming a fashion must-have. Because fashion is also that: it helps you see things with a new eye.

Star Wax - Blog BenettonStar Wax - Blog Benetton

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