Stories from London… let’s meet David-Adrian!

David owns a music store in Vancouver, Canada, where he also lives.

He sells used records, vinyls and CDs. On top of this, he sells his own music and the music from his own label. He says the music scene in Vancouver is very rich and interesting. And now he’s one of the winners of the latest Benetton global casting.

His life perspective is that you can’t do just one thing. Rather, constantly reinvent yourself and above all, do what you like without following specific rules or set paths.

He found out about It’s My Time in a bar in Vancouver. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and said: “Why haven’t you entered in the casting? You have the right look.” With this he decided to give modelling a go as well.

The music he likes is not electronic, but is made with synthesisers and recorded in analog (no sequencer). One of his favourite bands is Neu! Who have influenced everyone from David Bowie and Brian Eno to Gary Neuman.

David states in his profile: I’m… A Systems Engineer – A Lead Singer – A Musician – A Philanthropist Director of a Not-for-profit Society – A Record Store Owner – An Anarchist The Head Of a Record Label (Needs More Ram Records) – An Actor and now… a model!

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