Stories from London… let’s meet Christine Sofie!

Whilst studying at high school, Christine Sofie wrote a research paper on Benetton.
Through her research on the web she found out about the casting.

She grew up in a small city in Denmark called Fyn has recently moved to the big city: Copenhagen. Christine Sofie works in an insurance company and she’s planning to enter Copenhagen business school to study international marketing and culture.

She loves the fashion industry and has a dream of doing something with advertising in the future. In the meantime she’d like to take a world tour and is currently working and saving money to take it. She is very excited about her first summer in Copenhagen and is waiting for her friends to visit.

One of Christine Sofie’s great loves are horses. Since she was a little girl she has always had one, participating in competitions and national championships.

Her favourite horse is called Luigi, she used to whistle and the horse used to go to her like a dog. Trust is an important component of relationships with horses. If a horse trusts you it will do almost anything – even swim.

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