Stories from London… let’s meet Sanghamitra!

She has been fashion designer since she was 19 and one of the winners of the latest Benetton global casting.

In Mumbay where she lives, she met the daughter of a famous jewellery designer. Together they started to share first a common passion for fashion and then a business under the label R&S. Their first mini-collection was designed and produced in a month and sold among friends and family.

They worked together for a while for the famous jewellery designer but after some time Sanghamitra decided to finish University. After a year off she started a new label on her own, named after herself: Sanghamitra.

Sanghamitra comes from Assam in the North East of India, where there is a strong tradition and community of silk and organic dyeing and hand weaving. Her latest Autumn/Winter Collection is made in these original and unique fabrics. She would like to continue and expand on this business to promote the industry and the community of the weavers of the North East of India. Her fashion creations will be sold online soon.

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