Sunny day outfit!

Sunny day outfit! - Blog Benetton

The outfit in this post is the result of the shopping I did after the launch of the newest Special Collection by Benetton: too many beautiful clothes in the Benetton stores to resist the temptation!

I matched the classic cut blue skirt with the cotton V-neck sweater in blue and turquoise stripes.

Sunny day outfit! - Blog BenettonSunny day outfit! - Blog Benetton

Since it’s still pretty cold in Milan even when it’s sunny, I wore a denim jacket that gave to the outfit a “street” touch I really loved.

Finally, to lighten this outfit up, I chose to wear a colorful accessory: Benetton’s new tote bag, lemon yellow with fuchsia handle and electric blue Benetton logo.

Sunny day outfit! - Blog Benetton

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