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    Say it BIG

    While in Amsterdam, city of absolute madness and where design is ever-present – even in toilet paper details – I found an installation by American artist Barbara Kruger, known and famous for her photographic collages and large-scale installations. Truth is, […]

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    World Travelers Club

    Bloggers from Istanbul keep blogging about this thing. It is something called the World Travelers Club. It’s really exciting for everyone who wants to travel cheaply and as a local. It’s perfect for people who want to understand new cultures […]

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    Modefabriek: fashion factory in the Amsterdam RAI

    Last Sunday Maxime and I left for Amsterdam to visit the Modefabriek (Fashion Factory) in the Amsterdam RAI. Our day started with a delicious brunch watching a catwalk show! The rest of our day was filled with checking out next […]

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