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    Traveling by bike - Blog Benetton

    Traveling by bike

    I’m going to confess a fact of which I am not proud, an embarrassing secret: I don’t know to how to ride a bike.

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  • PERU 

    Pedal - Blog Benetton cover


    I’ve always been taken with a character by the name of Catherine Baba, a French stylist, who wears heels and bikes around town. How does she get on her bike in those outfits?

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    It’s made out of bamboo and it’s not panda food - Blog Benetton

    It’s made out of bamboo and it’s not panda food

    We’ve traveled on a bicycle around the city, we’ve seen the best street-style looks for cycling, we’ve met different groups of cyclists and the fixed gear bicycle fans…

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    Write a bike

    Now that I am strongly determined to transform myself into a new Lance Armstrong (but in high heels and with a lot of style!). I’ve been paying much more attention to the magnificent world of bicycles. And I am absolutely […]

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