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  • PERU 

    Pedal - Blog Benetton cover


    I’ve always been taken with a character by the name of Catherine Baba, a French stylist, who wears heels and bikes around town. How does she get on her bike in those outfits?

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    Bicycle Film Festival & Red Hook Criterium in Milan

    Last weekend Milan celebrated the city’s love for the bicycle with the Bicycle Film Festival. Within the old Ansaldo industrial complex an eventful three days of screenings, exhibitions, urban races, bike polo tournaments and BMX contests took place, that delighted […]

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    Life at speed

    Cycling is fun, which in time becomes more modern and country. 
The history of the bicycle lies back in 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, where an image of a bicycle was found, carved in the stone. When man created the […]

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  • UK 


    Casual style: cycle chic

    Whilst I’m still away on a vacation in Hong Kong I’ve recently taken up cycling as a form of exercise to curb my boredom, being stuck living in a countryside surrounding by its villages, wetlands, mountains, sea and no shops […]

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    Urban Style: fixed gear bikes

    Depending on your ride, wandering in Milan can be a wonderful experience or a terrible one: if you want to enjoy the beauties of the city with ease and total freedom, the bicycle is the transport you want to ride! […]

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