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    These boots are made to walk - Blog Benetton

    These boots are made to walk

    When rainy days and cold temperatures are back it’s time to find THE pair of shoes that will be useful all winter

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    Try walking in my shoes! - Blog Benetton cover

    Try walking in my shoes!

    Our choice of shoes is very important. Daisy Lowe says, “You can always judge a man by his shoes.” Do you agree?

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    Shoes are like sweets

    Shoes are ultimate accessory in our wardrobe from flat ballet pumps to high heeled sandals, running sneakers to thigh high boots. Attending press days is an advantage I tend to look at footwear first and clothing second, a great way […]

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    Style: equestrian-eque

    On a chilly afternoon on a weekend, wearing a Benetton wool blazer (a/w11), a crisp white shirt and jeans, bright yellow socks and heels, hair scrape back into a sleek bob, it would have been a serious mistake if I […]

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