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    Balloons and Childhood - Blog Benetton

    Balloons and Childhood

    We all love our childhood memories. What we play, what we eat or what we wear can often bring back memories…

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    Toy photography - Blog Benetton

    Toy photography

      “A few days ago, Sue, in our Chilean blog, told us that her toys have more fun than her. Or something like that. In her post she showed to us photos of teddy bears and Blythe girls living the great adventures […]

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    Illustrators of the Youth: 20 Years

    It’s been more than a decade since I last read children’s books. Recently I have encountered them again since I wanted to buy them as gifts for my own nieces and nephews. Instantly, I was transported back to the days […]

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    Playful art

    For the Benetton France blog, I would like to share my world with you and show you my artistic entourage: inspired personalities of the creative scene in Paris! This week let me introduce you to Alexandra Bruel. She has talent and […]

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