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    Chocolate, mon amour!

    Everyone has tried it at least once. The food of the ancient Mayan gods, a mouth-watering treat for sweet-toothed kids, a mixed…

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    Chocolate Cocoagraph - Blog Benetton

    Chocolate Cocoagraph

    After the post dedicated to that wonderful polaroid camera I received for my birthday, today we are going to talk about photography once again. You know, I’ve got this feeling that most of the people don’t even get close to […]

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    Desserts to die for

    If this is the beginning of school classes again, it is also an excuse to enjoy one of its nicest habits: snack time! Here is a place where dream cakes are being baked, with fabulous toppings, colors and good organic […]

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    The season of hats

    The hat is an exclusive accessory. This season they come in a variety of shapes and colors in the Benetton men’s and women’s autumn-winter collection. Extremely modern and trendy are those with a larger brim, or the so called “cloche” […]

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