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    Coffee Time!

    While yesterday we thought about the beach, reality in México City is rainy (very rainy). That, and the barely 19ºC, made us need coffee desperately. So today we want to recommend a very chic place that combines two of the […]

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    Peaceful saturday

    I wish every Saturday was like this. I wish we would meet up with friends and have chicken tagliatelle at Bej for breakfast. Then Dali or Picasso, Rembrandt, Miro would be in the town and we would visit them. We […]

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    Lovely brunch

    There’s a new culinary trend that is taking over Italy and that in my Milan is already an absolute obsession: the brunch! A typically British and American tradition, brunch represents a middle ground between breakfast and lunch, as its name […]

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    Teté Café Madrid, a coffee with a sewing machine

    There’s a new place in town I want to visit. It’s the Teté café, a place where you can have a coffee while you get your clothes fixed or transformed into new pieces. For seven euros, you can have a […]

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