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    Socks - Blog Benetton


    We are once again back to wearing socks. So what do you have to be careful about when choosing socks? They are a small but important thing that affects our style.

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    A versatile outfit and its accessories

    A good technique when buying new clothes is to ask yourself, what other things – that I already have – can I combine with this piece that I’m going to buy? Some pieces are very easy to combine, others, not […]

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  • PERU 


    House with color

    I have already written before about the importance of the color in spaces. In general, the importance of color in our lives, in our day by day. In my case it works as an activator, enhancer of immediate happiness. I […]

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    Benetton SS12 press day, pt. 1

      “Vibrant and soft muted colours are subjective of spring and summer vibe essentially of personal styling, simple shapes and surface detailing balances the message of loud and quiet colours. This is why Benetton spring summer collection are always tastefully tailored to […]

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