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    Wonder Forest

    The same planet just 34 years on, feels a little bit sad, right? The ocean is not blue anymore and the land is full of pollution. This is the world we live in and pollute. Just like in other developed […]

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    The colors of the sky and the earth - cover

    The colors of the sky and the earth

    Vincent Van Gogh – Wheat field with cypresses Sometimes the world is so harmonious it makes artists dream. Artists get inspired simply by the color palette before their eyes: the blue of the sky and the colors of the earth. […]

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    Lisbon: four elements, four artists

    Artworks at the central square of Colombo shopping center in Lisbon? Yes, it’s true. Blame it on the “Four Elements, Four Artists” exhibition, a partnership with Berardo Collection. The exhibition draws on elements of nature, essential to human life – […]

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