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    Actress, Model & Fashionista Aislinn Derbez - Blog Benetton

    Actress, Model & Fashionista: Aislinn Derbez

    We love Aislinn Derbez’s style, result of her early foray into the fashion world or perhaps a result of the way she mixes her clothes.

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    Fashion addict: Accro de la mode

    Thanks to Eudoxie, who I told you about here, I met Isabelle, a talented designer and illustrator running the famous blog Accro de la Mode – “Fashion addict”. With its stylized drawings and fair and sensitive thoughts about the latest […]

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    Magic Eudoxie

    Eudoxie, I do not know how to start to introduce her to you. She is a real talent that you need to meet if you haven’t already done so. First I will tell you she is a fairy hands fashion […]

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  • CHINA 


    Fashionista in Taiwan

    2011 is the 10th anniversary of MOCA Taipei. Despite its historic site, the museum isn’t on a huge scale, but it is still the favorite landmark of Taipei citizens, thanks to its convenient location, the cheap ticket price and the […]

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