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    The Avengers t-shirt time

    The Avengers is the latest blockbuster movie inspired by Marvel Comics superheroes: a spectacular advertising campaign raised huge expectations about the movie all over the world and I must confess that even if I am not a great comic reader […]

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    Dress like the twenties

    Every year there’s a movie that becomes the fashion film of the moment: Marie Antoinette, Devil wears Prada, Sex and the City… All the magazines write about it, make fashion stories from it and fashion bloggers publish posts like this […]

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    你好! Introducing China’s Benetton Blogger

    Milla, 29 years old, a Pisces girl, grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. Color addicted since I was born, it’s not difficult to imagine that when I was 14, Benetton was my favorite label. The carmine snowflakes knit pullover (from Benetton […]

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