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    Tropical mood - Blog Benetton cover

    Tropical mood

    Bright sunlight, sea and holidays= 3 good reasons to wear the major trend of the season: the tropical print.

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    Beachwear for the city - Blog Benetton

    Beachwear for the city

    Beach clothing doesn’t have to stay on the beach. There are some clothes and accessories that you can wear, properly combined, in the city.

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  • PERU 


    Tired of the Christmas tree?

    Christmas is fast approaching and as I have a couple of kids who remind me of the fact every other minute, I can’t forget it. “Mommy: our neighbors have their Christmas tree up already and we don’t.” To which I […]

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    Malaysia dreaming

    Let’s talk about holidays one more time today! I need it, I’m having a hard time getting used to my usual life in Milan and thinking about all the experiences I lived this summer will most definitley cheer me up. […]

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    Japanese Dream

    Japanese Dream: Felice Beato and the Japanese school of Yokohama, is the perfect read to continue traveling with your mind when the dreadful moment comes for you to return from the summer vacations! The book is a collection of wonderful […]

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    Your hair needs some love!

    The summer is almost gone and after the fun, it’s time to return to our daily life. Our hair has suffered; faded colors, split ends, dry and fragile appearance .. this is what we usually have after the beach, the […]

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    7 wonders-beaches of Portugal

    Finally the heat has come to stay here in Portugal. And almost for every Portuguese, who is lucky enough to live near the coast or near one of our amazing river beaches, this means only one thing – is time […]

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    Sweet Sailor

    Colombia’s summer and mid year vacation are a perfect time to celebrate these sunny and relaxed days with a fresh and young fashion trend: pastel colors mixed with stripes. This trend is easy to apply to everyday outfits, one of […]

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  • UK 


    A new year and a new green start…

    Hello and Happy 2012! How was your festive holidays? I am currently on a 2 month long vacation in my motherland in Hong Kong to explore my culture that I haven’t yet discovered – old and new towns, food, shops […]

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    The parol and the Filipino Christmas

    On my way home last night, I noticed a row of stores selling “parols”, or Christmas lanterns. I noticed that as the years go by, people are no longer as excited as before, when holiday decor would be up as […]

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