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    Holi: the world’s best party

    Holi is the name of the world’s most amazing party. It’s celebrated in India and in every country with a significant Hindi population as a way of welcoming spring and celebrating the victory of good against evil. In this spirit […]

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    Tattoo girl

    During my holidays in Morocco, I spent a couple days with a Berber family in the Middle Atlas, I was welcomed warmly and I was really lucky to have my hands decorated with henna tattoo. This decorative art is an […]

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    Stories from London… let’s meet Sanghamitra!

    She has been fashion designer since she was 19 and one of the winners of the latest Benetton global casting. In Mumbay where she lives, she met the daughter of a famous jewellery designer. Together they started to share first […]

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    Are uniforms good for students?

    School uniforms reduce tensions and violence between peers. Young kids who belong to baby gangs are not allowed to wear the colours or symbols of their clan and can’t wear over-sized clothing in which they could hide drugs or weapons. […]

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