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    Modern fairy tales - Blog Benetton cover

    Modern fairy tales

    The culprit is Mr. Walt Disney!
    On Social Networks I often read girls who insult Disney’s Cartoons for their expectations about hair and boys…

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  • CHILE 


    Fotopedia, images of the World

    I don’t know how long Fotopedia has been around, but I discovered it just now and I really want to share it with everyone, because you can’t miss these amazing pictures. (insert some pics, pics, pics) Ok, so now you’ve […]

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    A warm winter for my iPad

    For my iPad, I chose a warm, woolly and incredibly colorful case by Benetton! The Benetton iPad case perfectly embraces the ideals behind the whole A/W 2011 collection, where wool and color are the brightest stars! I chose an orange-red […]

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    Magazine addict

    I can’t remember from which film or book I heard or read a character saying that there are two kinds of people: magazine types and book types. There is also a song that warns against beauty magazines, since, the narrator […]

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    All the world’s books

    We declare ourselves absolutely in love with paper books. We look at them like a precious object. Of course, we love technology and we like to receive the latest issues of our favorite magazines on our iPads, with their contents […]

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