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    Fotopedia, images of the World

    I don’t know how long Fotopedia has been around, but I discovered it just now and I really want to share it with everyone, because you can’t miss these amazing pictures. (insert some pics, pics, pics) Ok, so now you’ve […]

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    GrupoVibra: eco-friendly sounds from Chile

    Some time ago, on a trip to Europe, I discovered that wooden radios were coming back. First I was surprised, but soon I realized it was actually very logical. Wood always has been a sustainable raw material if used carefully. […]

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    United songs: music you wear

    Can you imagine how a musical piece inspired by your favorite t-shirt would sound? I do not know, but the first thoughts that came to my mind were all those moments spent with that t-shirt. Maybe that’s because I’m nostalgic. […]

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