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  • PERU 


    Berlin, city of lights

    Ah, we now have a new City of Lights, or at least I had one during my brief, but very enjoyable, stay in the German capital. We were lucky enough to have coincided with the city’s Festival of Lights. The […]

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  • UK 


    Casual style: cycle chic

    Whilst I’m still away on a vacation in Hong Kong I’ve recently taken up cycling as a form of exercise to curb my boredom, being stuck living in a countryside surrounding by its villages, wetlands, mountains, sea and no shops […]

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    Water and dance from the Himalayas

    The exhibition Water, Treasure of the Himalayas began last month at the Water Pavilion in Paris. This superb exhibition of photographs is the result of the work of photographer Jean Philippe for the image part and the geographer and anthropologist […]

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    The trash art

    Artist Tom Deininger converts trash into art. With junk found anywhere, he composes landscapes like this one. It seems a Monet painting, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. If you look closer, you’ll find some old stuff like Sponge Bob dolls, […]

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