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    Delicatessen with love

    Food has always been important, for life, health and now it has become a source of inspiration for different photographers

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  • CHILE 


    How to make a terranium

    On this side of the world it is almost winter, and most of our plants have already lost their leaves or have withered, but there’s no reason for not having them at home, specially because they clean our air, and […]

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  • PERU 


    House with color

    I have already written before about the importance of the color in spaces. In general, the importance of color in our lives, in our day by day. In my case it works as an activator, enhancer of immediate happiness. I […]

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    Torres Vedras: the most Portuguese carnival in Portugal - cover

    Torres Vedras: the most Portuguese carnival in Portugal

    In contrast with the quite unusual low temperatures, February is certainly one of the most colorful and warm months in Portugal. The reason is very simple, Valentine’s Day and Carnival both happen really close to each other, that’s why there’re […]

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