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    Color: quotes from the geniuses of art

    Color, how to explain it? To me it’s a sort of injection of vitality, energy, playfulness. It’s everything. No one imagines a life in B&W, least of all in grays. It’d be absolute sadness. Seriously. Benetton is a celebration of […]

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    Monet or Dalí?

    In the past, we proposed you use a piece of artwork as inspiration for an outfit, do you remember? We want to propose it to you again. It all started with this famous Dalí painting “The Elephants”. Although Dali’s painting […]

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    The trash art

    Artist Tom Deininger converts trash into art. With junk found anywhere, he composes landscapes like this one. It seems a Monet painting, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. If you look closer, you’ll find some old stuff like Sponge Bob dolls, […]

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