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    Creative Chaos

    Wassily Kandinsky There are artistic currents in which order prevails. Others, on the other side, are chaotic by nature. However big masters can present an apparent chaos with their own logic. Isn’t it wonderful? Since we’re not art specialists, we’re […]

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    Benetton and Estanpintando∆ are painting the city

    A while ago we talked about the artists of Estanpintando∆ in our blog, and of course, a lot of people loved their work but we loved it even more. That’s why at the Benetton Chile office we decided to work […]

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    Estanpintando in Spanish means literally “they are painting”, and that’s exactly what Coni Larenas and Trini Guzmán are doing. They are BFF from college, and since that time they always wanted to do something together but didn’t know what, until […]

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