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    The oldest city in the Californias

    Earlier this year we told you about what it’s like to stare at the eyes of a whale. And we were so excited about that we didn’t say anything about one of the cities where you can stay if you […]

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  • PERU 



    I’m captivated by the idea of filling my home with green. The more the better, but each plant that I buy is a plant that dies (so far, in addition, 3 cacti have succumbed to the crash of a book […]

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  • CHILE 


    How to make a terranium

    On this side of the world it is almost winter, and most of our plants have already lost their leaves or have withered, but there’s no reason for not having them at home, specially because they clean our air, and […]

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    Hong Kong Oasis

    I was in Hong Kong for work for a week. The hotel I stayed at was nearby and I had to pass by this place every time I reported to the office. Usually, I just briskly walked past, but on […]

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