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    Printic Polaroid fever - Blog Benetton

    Polaroid fever

    We have never taken more pictures than in our time! With smartphones and digital cameras, taking pictures has become easy as a breeze!

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    Polaroid camera lovin' - Blog Benetton

    Polaroid camera lovin’

    For my 32nd birthday I received a very special gift: a brand new polaroid camera! I was overwhelmed by joy: I love photography and I’ve had a thing for polaroid pictures since I can remember! There’s no other camera around […]

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    Hello Instagram

    Recently on the news, Facebook has bought the Instagram app for astonishing $1 billion! What’s next? Pinterest? I am an Android phone user of 3 years and I always thought that the photo sharing app was a cheating tool for create the vintage style effect (it […]

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