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    Acid wash, back in the 70s - Blog Benetton

    Acid wash, back in the 70’s

    Thanks to boho-chic, hippies and the style of the 70’s are definitely back in our wardrobe.

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    Polka Dots - Blgo Benetton

    Polka Dots

    Many fashion trends quickly fade, but vintage trends like polka dots, never go out of fashion. Playful, retro and well combined, the polka dots become a style, suitable for all ages.

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    Star Wax - Blog Benetton

    Star Wax

    Don’t we say that fashion always comes around again? Each season it’s revival time: ethnic, retro, minimalist…

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    A fashion eye on glasses

    The time when wearing glasses was considered somewhat anti-sexy, purely practical and quite unsightly is long gone! Glasses have become an essential fashion accessory to completely change a face, give it personality and even a structure. There are glasses for […]

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