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    Timeless Turbans!

    There are things in fashion that are timeless and they will always look perfect like denim, a black dress or turbans! I’m a big fan of them specially on bad hair days… you just need a scarf, a twist here […]

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    Knitting can save a penguin

    A few days ago, I posted a DIY to knit a scarf. If you are a pro knitter, you can try to knit a jumper for a penguin. That’s the solution for the penguins affected by an oil spill on […]

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    Coming autumn

    Being the only fashionista in the suburban village town of Southgate in North London (fact), I personally find it challenging to dress in a moderately-conservative way when leaving my house to commute to central London, without offending my non-fashionable community […]

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    Mountain outfit

    Last weekend I went to the Alps in the hope of finding some peace and relaxed mountain hiking surrounded by nature. For this purpose, I chose only comfortable clothes, some that would allow me to walk feeling totally free: these […]

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