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    Connected Life - Blog Benetton.jpg

    Connected Life

    For once, I’m not gonna talk about fashion, I’m not gonna talk about artists that I like, or even about me…

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    Italia pizza, mandolins and selfies - Blog Benetton

    Italia: pizza, mandolins and selfies

    I love to listen to the radio every afternoon, sitting in front of my computer; I enjoy listening to music and news. A few days ago I heard a news flash that struck me: Italians are the kings of the Selfie!

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    Printic Polaroid fever - Blog Benetton

    Polaroid fever

    We have never taken more pictures than in our time! With smartphones and digital cameras, taking pictures has become easy as a breeze!

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    Art and technology in Benetton’s wool pieces

    Fashion and technology go together and this is not something reserved for a few specialists. From the apps that we can all carry in our phones to everything that happens around the catwalks (live streams, high technology during the shows, […]

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  • CHILE 


    Virtual is the new online

    I must confess I’m a little obsessed with technology, and every time something new comes out I can’t help but be amazed with how fast we go. At this rate we’ll end up like the movie Wall-E, where the robots […]

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