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    Which song do you want, sir?

    In both cantines and popular restaurants (and sometimes, even in some fancy places) not only waiters interact with the customers. The variety of offerings that a customer can receive in Mexico during his visit a restaurant may be wide: boleros […]

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    Three fresh music talents from the Philippines - Benetton Blog

    Three fresh music talents from the Philippines

    We all know of favorite musicians who have hit it big just by starting with YouTube uploads of their homemade videos. It’s a good way for fresh talent to be noticed without having to go through the almost impossible task […]

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    World's luckiest woman, Jane Birkin - blog Benetton

    World’s Luckiest Woman, Jane Birkin

    In my opinion, Jane Birkin is one of the luckiest women on Earth. After all, who can get up on the stage and say “Until the day he died, Serge wrote songs for me?” I guess it is normal for […]

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