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    A celebration of Joy everyday Jordan Matter - Blog Benetton

    A celebration of Joy, everyday!

    How many times do we just let the days pass by without emotion or excitement, maybe it´s the routine that keeps our eyes closed…

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    Apocalypse now!

    Black is black, and there’s no hope anymore. We have talked about it a lot throughout 2012, but as a reminder, according to the Inca calendar, it is almost the end of the world, more precisely on December 21st. The […]

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    World's luckiest woman, Jane Birkin - blog Benetton

    World’s Luckiest Woman, Jane Birkin

    In my opinion, Jane Birkin is one of the luckiest women on Earth. After all, who can get up on the stage and say “Until the day he died, Serge wrote songs for me?” I guess it is normal for […]

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  • CHINA 


    Red memories

    After coming back from my Japan vacation at the end of August, I soon flew to Shanghai to attend the COLORS exhibition. There was something different in these trips, in that I started to bring a film camera to travel […]

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