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    DIY sweater - Blog Benetton

    DIY sweater!

    Today I want to share with you two of my latest videos… two ways to customize your basic spring knits.

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    Is your pet sporty or posh?

    There are people that dress their pets for the fun of it, there are other pets that actually need to be dressed because despite their little furry natural coats, they can be cold. Either way, dressing your dog is part […]

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    A touch of orange

    Let’s start the week with a look full of vitamins to put some energy into the urban landscape and escape from the winter blues with a walk into spring. Spotted after going to the Ethical Fashion Show, I wear an […]

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    Craft videogames

    When I was a little girl, my grandma taught me some crafts: cross stitch, crochet… I thought it was boring and something “old”. But when I grew up I started getting interested in it because I discovered all the cool […]

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    Between Summer and Autumn: the trans-season

    Definitely feeling the combination of heat and chill, lumpy goose-bumps comes out to give a shout out “yeah I really needed a jacket right now”. Autumn is my favourite trans-season from late Summer, simply because it is when I feel […]

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