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    Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art - Blog Benetton

    Cuticle Art is the new Nail Art

    Nail art in recent years has become a widespread trend! Many love it, some detest it, but at least once in their lives every girl has tried it.

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    Kiera's Chaplin black hat - Blog Benetton cover

    Kiera’s Chaplin black hat

    This is Kiera Chaplin: passionate, loud, rebellious and compassionate. We are proud to have her as our ambassador.

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  • CHILE 

    A tattoo is worth a thousand words - Blog Benetton

    Tattoo mania

    When I was little I was convinced that people who had tattoos were evil (a clear preconception created by bad TV) until I realized over the years that I was very wrong: when I grew up I started to noticed […]

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    Tattoo girl

    During my holidays in Morocco, I spent a couple days with a Berber family in the Middle Atlas, I was welcomed warmly and I was really lucky to have my hands decorated with henna tattoo. This decorative art is an […]

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