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    Spring florals has arrived

    Oh yes yes, the warm weather has arrived at long last in London, a month of continuous down pours, grey skies and horrid cold snaps, we were forced to dig out our Winter clothes to generate our temperature-confused body heat, trust […]

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    What’s in my Benetton tote bag

    Those who know me know that I always lug lots of stuff. One bag is never enough: I carry at least two, sometimes even three. Because cramming is my way of life, I always have my mobile in my hand. […]

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    Sunny day outfit!

    The outfit in this post is the result of the shopping I did after the launch of the newest Special Collection by Benetton: too many beautiful clothes in the Benetton stores to resist the temptation! I matched the classic cut […]

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    Personalize your bag

    I found this DIY tutorial and I’m dying to try it with a tote bag or perhaps an old tee shirt. You can try it too even if you’re not good at drawing because there’s a trick! First you have […]

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