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    Life at speed

    Cycling is fun, which in time becomes more modern and country. 
The history of the bicycle lies back in 3000 BC in ancient Egypt, where an image of a bicycle was found, carved in the stone. When man created the […]

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    A touch of orange

    Let’s start the week with a look full of vitamins to put some energy into the urban landscape and escape from the winter blues with a walk into spring. Spotted after going to the Ethical Fashion Show, I wear an […]

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  • PERU 


    Street style in Perú: that’s how we dress

    Streetfashion blogs: I really really thank all of the genius that started this trend. Because thanks to those urban fashion bitacoras, we can get inspired by the best, unique and trendiest looks of people around the world. There are so […]

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  • UK 


    A pop of yellow and pink

    Never in the world I would be brave enough to wear a super bright fluorescent yellow trousers in London town especially in this horrid weather, nonetheless the outfit managed to brighten the depressive day. With the Benetton trousers I balanced […]

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    Urban Style: fixed gear bikes

    Depending on your ride, wandering in Milan can be a wonderful experience or a terrible one: if you want to enjoy the beauties of the city with ease and total freedom, the bicycle is the transport you want to ride! […]

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