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    To Niagara Falls - Blog Benetton

    To Niagara Falls

    If you have got only one day, 3 friends and a car which is not very convenient for such a long drive, would you go for a 10 hours drive? I did… Going to Niagara Falls was one of the […]

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    The aesthetic eyes of Chenman

    Chenman is one of China’s most celebrated fashion photographers. She is a commercial photographer who focuses on fashion, beauty and style. She knows how to manipulate the camera to catch people’s eye and that’s why her works are always colorful, […]

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    Hong Kong Oasis

    I was in Hong Kong for work for a week. The hotel I stayed at was nearby and I had to pass by this place every time I reported to the office. Usually, I just briskly walked past, but on […]

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    Water and dance from the Himalayas

    The exhibition Water, Treasure of the Himalayas began last month at the Water Pavilion in Paris. This superb exhibition of photographs is the result of the work of photographer Jean Philippe for the image part and the geographer and anthropologist […]

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    Lisbon: four elements, four artists

    Artworks at the central square of Colombo shopping center in Lisbon? Yes, it’s true. Blame it on the “Four Elements, Four Artists” exhibition, a partnership with Berardo Collection. The exhibition draws on elements of nature, essential to human life – […]

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