Technicolor music

How do you listen to music when you are in the street or at home and don’t want to turn up the volume because you’re tired of annoyed neighbours knocking at your door? We guess it’s not with microscopic, invisible earphones. If you want to be minimal when you’re listening to music you are definitely out of fashion!

The latest trend from the coolest cities all over the world calls for big, padded headphones like the ones used by DJs and in recording studios.

Take a look at these! The technical side is top-class and the styling really stands out. Big, sound-engineer fifties-style headphones become funky fashion accessories, designed to please the coolest music fans. Blue, yellow, lime, fuchsia and white. The same colours flow onto the lead and jack for a coordinated effect.

Get ready for summer: choose the perfect set for you and match it with your outfit.
For all music lovers, the hottest trend of the season!



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