TEIXIDORS, waving a social project

TEIXIDORS, waving a social project - Blog BenettonTEIXIDORS, waving a social project - Blog Benetton

Today I want to share with you TEIXIDORS’s exciting project, a cooperative society that was born in Barcelona in 1983, dedicated to the production of handcrafted fabrics that has as its main objective the integration of people with learning difficulties at risk of exclusion, through creative work, giving them the opportunity to become workers and associates of the project thanks to the creation of an exceptional product.

Sober and apparently simple. Honest and sensitive. Inspired by classic and timeless atmospheres. Same color range or contrasting tones, but always balanced. Amazing textures and sensations, as the result of an extensive research of materials. Adapted and only produced on a wooden loom at the hands of a weaver. That’s the way TEIXIDORS products and designs are made. Creations that evolve with consumer needs and always based on good taste and style

TEIXIDORS, waving a social project - Blog Benetton

Imagine the atmosphere at TEIXIDORS workshop, total concentration. You hear the sound of the shuttle carrying the weft thread from one side to the other, rising and falling with the threads of the warp. Alongside them, the dull beat of wooden pedals that move the heddles. It’s the sound of the looms manufactured in the same cooperative, original models from the early nineteenth century. Complex and ingenious machines that move to the rhythm of the person who handles them, tools capable of coordinating physical and mental activity, ideal for stimulating the development of psycho motoric skills of people with learning disabilities.

The weaver, with his experience, shapes the product. Then the skillful hands of the recycler check, measure and polish the frame joints, knots in the warp, ready to repair any alteration. Time is spent washing with water, at just the right temperature, and organic soap, and ironing, and the magic of the finisher converts all the efforts deposited in the garment to the final product. Finally, the sewers are responsible for cutting, making fringes and green beans, sewing labels, folding and pampering the last details before the product reaches our hands.

TEIXIDORS, waving a social project - Blog BenettonTEIXIDORS, waving a social project - Blog Benetton

Initiatives such as this one make me see the world from another perspective, to appreciate what’s behind all that´s in front of us. I invite you to pursue this project through its website or Facebook.

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