The aesthetic eyes of Chenman

The new aesthetic eyes of Chenman - Blog Benetton
Chenman is one of China’s most celebrated fashion photographers.

She is a commercial photographer who focuses on fashion, beauty and style. She knows how to manipulate the camera to catch people’s eye and that’s why her works are always colorful, bright and fantastical.

She used to use lots of post-production to represent a scene, but now she focus her camera on the emotions between people and the environment. She has an extremely strong aesthetic eye that brings out the best of her models, and consistently shoots for the covers of Fashion magazines and various celebrities from China and Hong Kong. Most celebrities in China and Hong Kong designate her to be the photographer.

The new aesthetic eyes of Chenman - Blog BenettonThe new aesthetic eyes of Chenman - Blog Benetton

Recently, Chenman has become famous in the world as well, she was invited to shoot the special Rise and shine issue cover for the British fashion magazine i-D. She took The Year of the Dragon by storm shooting a quartet of cracking covers celebrating the diversity of beauty in China today. And for the Coach 7 for 70 event in Beijing to celebrate it’s 70th anniversary, Chenman and the other 6 artists photographed the same Coach handbag in their own style, using New York City as their inspiration.

When East meets West, a sensual colour collection created in collaboration with fashion photographer, Chenman, inspired by her infatuation with love and water, yin and yang, pink and blue. So impressive!

Photo credits Chenman

The new aesthetic eyes of Chenman - Blog Benetton

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