The New Benetton Concept Store, a new shopping experience!

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A show of hands for who’s never felt the urge to peek into a store and get a taste of the “show” going on inside? For the last month, this has been a constant happening here in Milan, and all because of Benetton’s Concept Store “On Canvas”, which kicked off 15 April in Duomo Square.

Futuristic, graceful, interactive! Oh, indeed, because Benetton has turned shopping into a sensory-stimulating experience: captivating and dynamic. An adventure into the depths of a lustrous open space, where one can wander about and peruse at will.

The store’s spotlight shines bright on the new SpringSummer 2014 collection, but it doesn’t stop there!
The most striking characteristic upon first impression lies within the store’s flexibility, comprised of practically endless corners and special happenings found throughout, brought to you by a full immersion in technology.

Colour, fabric and texture spawn the scene’s backdrop almost as if they were paint on canvas, obscuring what is physically present in the store itself with the images appearing on screens all over. And yet perhaps it’s in this very concept that the revolutionary principle of the concept store lies: the continuous integration of physical and virtual surroundings.

We have the “never-ending shelf” to thank for putting a stop to anyone ever having to go home empty-handed. With mini tablets equipped with apps connected to the online shop, you can purchase any item of your choosing, even those currently out of stock at the shop itself.

What we’ve all dreamt of is now a reality with Benetton! You found the perfect jacket but you can’t find your size? Don’t panic! With the help of a sales associate, you can secure it at our online shop. An experience that borders on fairytale magic: We prayed for a magic wand, but today an iPad mini is magic enough.

Also of note is The Color Room, one of the most picturesque spaces, which is devoted to knitwear of all colours and shades. It’s an appeal to tradition with an added twist: futuristic looks and outfits are projected onto special maxi screens that provide the indecisive shopper with a starting point and inspiration for defining their own style. It infuses a dose of originality and couples it with basic models and glamorous garments.

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This very same format has already been adopted by the stores in Florence and Verona, as well as crossing international boundaries into the French store in Nice, for a complete restyling of the way we shop. The next one to follow will be in the Russian capital of Moscow, with many more in line thereafter, whether in Italy or all over the world. In short, get ready to be overwhelmed by the advantages. And if we wish to move forward, to seek perfection, the beneficiary will be your wallet, because those who cross the threshold will not come out empty-handed. If Oscar Wilde’s famous words are true – that the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it – our advice is only this: let yourselves be tempted!

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