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The right coat - Blog Benetton

The days are getting longer, it’s true, and spring is coming (let’s be patient), yet we are entering the worst part of the winter. And when the mercury in the thermometer doesn’t make it above zero, the degree of our motivation to go outside isn’t any higher.

Just like our capacity to make “style” and “comfort” rhyme. So, faced with this “Fashion SOS- I’m freezing help me to choose my coat and yet still have a good style”, here’s how some girls have managed the crisis.

The right coat - Blog BenettonThe right coat - Blog Benetton

Choosing the right coat means ensuring you have the right style, even outside. And you don’t necessarily have to go for something eccentric. For the more classic looks, a basic coat in neutral colors is perfect, like : grey, beige or navy with a minimalist and structured shape.

For a plain and chic look, to be mixed without hesitation with colored pants (burgundy or green, for example), a patterned top like a sailor stripped pullover (we love it!!!) and a pair of boots.

The right coat - Blog BenettonThe right coat - Blog Benetton

And if like me, you don’t want the sadness of the winter to encroach on your mood, choose a colored coat: checked pattern, pastel shades. And to go with it, simplicity pays! A pair of skinny denim jeans, a basic pullover (beige, charcoal grey, or shades that match the coat). With a pair of lace up shoes and colored socks, you’ll look perfect!

You have no more excuses. So, everyone outside.. Now!!! :)

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The right coat - Blog BenettonThe right coat - Blog Benetton

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