The superheroes that live forever

We’ve all dreamed about being them, admired them and at times even envied them… Equipped with capes and hoods around our shoulders, we tried to imitate them on one of those memorable and classic yet so typical afternoons during our youth. We would wake up on a daily basis hoping that today would be the day we suddenly had super powers, but at a certain point somewhere along the way, we grew up… even though we all swore it would never happen.


The masks and tights may have been emptied from our closets, but the memories will always remain, and those are alive and well. Who are we talking about? Comic book superheroes, of course! There are those who can remember the frogs they once kept in hopes of turning them into their Prince Charming, or the memories of when you thought you could move faster than the speed of light while putting a sarong around your cat’s neck as you forced your siblings to call you Superman. All of this and more can’t help but bring back the memories of our childhood’s prime, when we were filled with energy and vitality as if there were no tomorrow.


Hiding somewhere inside of us are those kids of yesteryear; and even if our imagination doesn’t run wild like it used to, there’s still a way to have that innocence and enthusiasm of once upon a time… How, you ask? It’s just a matter of digging up some of our old passions.

A clear-cut way to get back in touch with our memories is to spend a day at a Comic Book Festival. There are quite a lot going round, with each one different from the next.

In Italy, with a vast selection of noteworthy candidates, one worth mentioning is the Lucca Comics & Games, an international festival dedicated to comic books, games and illustration, held in Lucca from 30 October until 2 November 2014. Also deserving of a shout-out is Romics, which will hold edition XVI in Rome from 2-5 October.


Last but not least – the last in order of appearance but in the first place in our proud ranking – we are happy to mention the astonishing Italian Illustrators Under 40; 11 artists able to spread their creative services all over the world while working for globally renowned brands and prestigious international newspapers such as “The New York Times” or “Le Monde”. Among those there are Shout, Emiliano Ponzi, Olimpia Zagnoli, Bomboland, Ale Giorgini, Mauro Gatti, Riccardo Guasco, Francesco Poroli, Umberto Mischi, Jacopo Rosati and Rubens Cantuni. Young adults that on a daily basis use the world before their very eyes as a playground for their inner-creativity.

Truth be told, isn’t that kind of what we’d all like to be doing? For this exact reason, the latest Undercolors of Benetton Collection lends a helping hand to letting you relive those very emotions from your childhood, where we all had that undeniable desire to dream, something that you can blatantly see if you take a look around at all the kids growing up today. Whether it’s the children from yesterday or today, from one generation to the next, they all have the same thing in common: an inescapable enthusiasm and imagination.


At the end of the day, our dreams are what build the foundation for our future. Kids and adults alike, never stop dreaming!



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