The weaker sex?

The weaker sex… of fashion. Have you heard that expression? In fashion, boys are known as the weaker sex. There’re usually less options for them, for example, male models never make as much money or have such exposure as they’re female counterparts.

You, on the comments, sometimes ask us to make a masculine version of some of our posts, and we think it’s fair, to us boys are as important as girls but sometimes we get carried away by our enthusiasm.

So today we decided to make the male version of our streetstyle posts. Are you ready for a fashion review of the best streetstyle with xy chromosomes? Remember this is all about fighting the cold.

For example, hats as the accessories that give personality to any look. A black leather jacket is a basic in a men’s wardrobe. Completing the look with a messenger bag to give a sensation of movement and freedom.

Basic sweater + School look-alike jacket + messenger bag + colorful tennis = just couldn’t miss. Another possibility for a basic sweater is to give it an unexpected turn with a bow tie.

And last but not least important: coats.

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